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Student iPads: Tools or Toys?

Are you sure your students are using their iPads as a tool for learning? Is it being used to create and collaborate with others? Or is it just an expensive worksheet? When integrating technology in the classroom, it can be difficult to know where to start or how to do so effectively. Our goal as teachers, shouldn't be to use iPads just for the sake of using an iPad with our students. We have to make sure that we are selecting the appropriate tool for the given task. Even though I love technology, I also know that every lesson doesn't require an iPad and some lessons require paper-pencil. However, there must always be a balance.

As we move further along into the school year, how can students use their iPads differently? Check out this quick video on the SAMR model. For those who aren't sure what the SAMR model is, its a framework that you can use while planning to make sure you are using technology in your classroom in a more effective way. I often think about it as Bloom's Taxonomy for technology.


Take some time to look at the visual infographics below and learn a little more about SAMR.


Need another example? Check out this interactive resource on ThingLink or tap on the red circles to see how this teacher takes a worksheet assignment above the line by using the SAMR framework.

Goal this week: Take one lesson that you plan to teach next week. Look at how you are integrating technology with your students. How can you take it above the line? Are you enhancing the lesson or transforming it? If you need extra ideas or a resourcelet me know. I will be attending your planning sessions this week, so if you have any questions about SAMR please bring them.

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