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Instructional Technology Portfolio

Welcome to my Instructional Technology Portfolio. Here you will find a snippet of lessons and Edtech artifacts that I have created or helped to produce. If you are interested in seeing my graphic design portfolio, you can check those out here. Graphic Design Portfolio

4th Grade Lesson on Piedmont Native Americans

This is a Nearpod focusing on Piedmont Native Americans in correlation to a 4th grade IB Unit, How We Express Ourselves. I created this self paced Nearpod activity in collaboration with the 4th grade social studies teachers to students could learn about Native Americans of North Carolina. The teachers were in need of creating lesson content that was engaging for the students in addition to needing content that all students could access. The current resources they had were older documents and they didn't have enough copies for all students. 

Nearpod Piedmont Native

Self Paced PearDeck PD

One of the tools that I introduced to my teachers during remote learning was Pear Deck. We weren't able to meet face to face to conduct any trainings so I created this self-paced PD for them to get an understanding about Pear Deck and for them to experience the tool as a student. By creating the tool self paced, teachers were able to complete the PD on their own time, then followed up with me during my tech office hours to discuss implementation steps. They were also get a feel for what their students would experience when using some of the Pear Deck tools in their lessons.  


Feel free to view the full Pear Deck using this link or access by clicking on the picture. 

Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 3.45.24 PM.png

Weekly-ish Tech News

Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 4.16.09 PM.png

Here is a screenshot of the Weekly tech update that I create and send out to my teachers. I attend their weekly PLCs, to get a better understanding of what they are planning to do with students and how I can contribute a lesson idea or tool. I decided to create this tool to have a place to share the numerous resources our teachers have access to as well as to cut down on the number of emails. Many teachers requested to have one place for reminders, so this has helped so they can refer back to it as they need to.


Click here or click the picture for the full  2021-2022 Tech Update. 

How to Use iPads Intentionally as an Instructional Tool

This is a PD I created for K-5 teachers using the ADDIE Instructional Design model. This was designed to introduce the teachers to the SAMR Model of Technology. These teachers were at a 1:1 school with iPads and we wanted to share with them how to make sure they are using their iPads correctly for instruction. 

iPad Piktochart Infographic

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