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Holiday Tech Tips 🎅🎄

Looking for some quick and easy ways to spread some last minute holiday cheer? Check out some of these Holiday tech tools to share with your students and families.

When I taught first grade, this was one of our most favorite things to do. Each day we would check out Santa's reindeer on this live cam. At certain times Santa even comes out and feeds the reindeer. You could even have the students fill out a Reindeer Labeling activity like this one. This year they even included bedtime stories with Santa nightly at 7pm. Feel free to share with parents and have them tune in!

Google's Santa Tracker-

Here is some fun for all ages and devices. Google has made a pretty amazing website full of holiday cheer. There are games for coding, track his progress on Christmas Eve using Google Earth, and write letters to Santa. Feel free to also share this resource with parents to use over the holidays.

All About the Holidays on Flipgrid- Holiday Handout

Seeing that we are an IB school, we have many different cultures that we should embrace. Have them watch some holiday videos from the PBS Learning Media Site, then share their own traditions using the Holiday Handout. Then have students listen and respond. Don't forget about the videos in Discovery Education. They have tons of resources here about all holidays around the world.


Do you use the Seesaw App in your classroom? Check out their holiday activities in the Seesaw library. K-1 Lessons Here and 2-5 Lessons Here.

Free Chrome Extension: Adblock Plus

This isn't really a part of the holiday theme, but are you tired of annoying or inappropriate ads when watching youtube videos?? Try installing Adblock Plus as a Google Chrome Extension.

Jumping into January

Check out Epic's Monthly activity calendar. There is something here for all readers each day. Download all 19-20 here.

Tech Reminders for the Holiday Break..please do before you leave.

1. Make sure all iPads and Chromebooks are powered off completely and plugged in. If they are fully charged before you shut them down, they should have some charge when we return.

2. Unplug all iPad and Chromebook carts from the wall.

3. Make sure all TV's and Projectors are turned off.

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