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Techtastic Teaching: November

Congratulations to Ms. Foster on being our Digital Superstar for November. This past week, she worked with her students on a "Shared-Screen" Kahoot with another group of ESL students from a different school. The students both read the same text and they reviewed key points from the book using Kahoot. The group with the most points won the game. If students know they are going to compete against another school, how much more engaged in the text would they be? Great job Ms. Foster, for taking Kahoot to another level!


Have you heard of a "Blind Kahoot?"

Many times we use Kahoot to review or assess instructional content, but how could we use Kahoot as a teaching tool to "introduce" content to students? Blind Kahoots are designed to teach new material in an engaging and impactful way. Check out how to use "Blind Kahoots" in your classroom here! There is even a template for you to follow---just add your content in and play!

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