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Techtastic Teaching!

Last school year, I started recognizing a "Digital Superstar" of the month. This person is defined as “One who pioneers or innovates technology integration to enhance student learning”.  The Digital Superstar of the Month will receive a certificate to post on their door. I have seen some innovative ideas in the classrooms already and I would love to shine light on them to inspire others. 

Congratulations Mrs. Spry!


Did you know that ABC Mouse is FREE FOR TEACHERS!

Thank you Mrs. Spry for sharing this resource. She loves it and plans to use it daily. offers Pre–K through Second-grade curriculum touching on a variety of topics, many of which correlate to the Common Core State Standards. Students will visit a virtual classroom where they can play games, learn or review material, visit the zoo or a farm, or tend to a pet hamster or a fish. When kids complete activities, they earn tickets they can use to buy items in a virtual store.

Students follow a learning path that gets progressively more challenging as they use the site. Their level is set based on starting age, and they can either follow a customized learning path or choose activities at random. Teachers can also choose and assign particular activities for each kid. Content focuses on reading and writing, math, art and music, music and songs, social studies, and science and health. Content is presented through art, books, songs, puzzles, games, and printables. Teachers can track kids' progress through the learning path as well as conduct other assessments. This app is already in Self-Service. Thanks again Mrs. Spry for sharing!!!

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