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GooseChase in the Classroom

Last week you all did a great job using GooseChase to locate resources during your PLC's. It was great seeing you all work together to show what you know, in a new way. As we reflect on how you were able to show your knowledge, how can you take that and apply it to how your students can show what they know in class? Where would this type of activity fall on the SAMR ladder? If you enjoyed this activity, and want to try using GooseChase EDU in your classroom, check out their Game Library. It is full of teacher created activities ready to go! Shout out to Mrs. Majors for already trying this resource out with her students!


Tech PD...recap!

Thank you for your participation in the SAMR PD and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! We had some great conversations about how we can think differently when it comes to integrating technology in your classrooms. Here is visual of everyone's summary statement. I created these using a free resource, Buncee which is in Self Service available for student use.

As always, if you want to try these tools or another tech tool in your classroom, send me an email or click here to schedule a time to meet!


Did you know that you can easily start a new Google doc, Google Slide, Google Form, straight from your URL just by typing,, Try it! best if you are already logged into your Google Account.

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