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Flocabulary has been RENEWED!

Have you created your Flocabulary account yet? If not, click here to create your account using your RSS email or your RSSED email. Flocabulary is a "learning program that uses hip-hop to teach standards-based content across all subject areas and grades." Use Flocabulary to help increase student engagement and help students learn academic content, build vocabulary knowledge and creatively develop essential literacy skills. Are you in need of Thanksgiving activities? Check out this unit on Thanksgiving using Flocabulary! You will need to create your account first to access all of the lesson features. Setting up your account is super easy and fast!

Haven't created your class in Flocabulary but you have a class in Google Classroom? Don't worry, one of Flocabulary newest features, will allow teachers to import any class in Google Classroom into a Flocabulary class. Instead of setting up classes in both Flocabulary and Google Classroom, follow the instructions here to import your Google Classroom roster.

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