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Have you heard of Flipgrid before??? If not, Flipgrid is a way for teachers and students to create an online space in which students can answer questions and discuss information through recorded videos. If you are like me, I love anything FREE! Now teachers can access unlimited features of Flipgrid for FREE, if you create your account using your work email. It could also be a great tool to use as a formative assessment. Students could record videos to show what they already know, what they learned, and even respond to their classmates recordings. Students can also share their perspective on an issue, create discussions around their favorite books, or have a conversation around social studies or science topics. For example, students can share a text-to-self connection after a read aloud or respond to a question they have after completing a science experiment. Take a look at the video to see how to get started.

Check out the Padlet below for more ways to incorporate Flipgrid in your classroom.

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